NgRx Auto-Entity
Simplifying Reactive State!
NgRx Auto-Entity is a library that simplifies reactive state in @ngrx with reusable generic actions, automated effects & reducers and prefabricated facades.

What is NgRx Auto-Entity?

NgRX Auto-Entity is an add-on library for @ngrx that aims to greatly simplify use of @ngrx and reduce the implementation load of adding @ngrx to your application. We provide a set of ready-made, generic actions that cover most of the common use cases such as loading entities and sets of entities as well as creating, updating or replacing, and deleting entities.
Auto-Entity wires in ready-made effects to handle standard behaviors, as well as provides a core meta reducer that reduces all entity state managed by this library. For most use cases, the implementation burden for you the developer will be limited to basic initial @ngrx setup, creation of models for each entity & creation of services for each entity. This is functionality that would need to be implemented by you the developer regardless.
Where we save you time is by eliminating the need to implement unique sets of CRUD actions for each and every entity, as well as the side effects that handle standard CRUD behavior for each and every entity. This can be a significant amount of development effort for each @ngrx application, and we hope the savings we offer will allow you to focus on solving the critical business needs of your customers.
Further, Auto-Entity generates pre-fabricated Facades around your entity state, allowing you to extract all @ngrx and other state related code from your components, encapsulate them in a facade layer that presents a much simpler, more logical and easier to comprehend and use API for your entities.
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